Suntré Co.,Ltd.

President’s Greetings


Suntré’s theme is food, health and trade. There is a treasure trove of delectable food in Japan. Being blessed with abundant resources, we came up with the idea of expanding a wide trade of excellent products from Hokkaido to various countries abroad. Because of the products supreme quality, we believe that these products will be patronized by the consumers abroad. As we introduce our products to other countries, cultural exchange happens. Through introducing these products, we also introduce our country, Japan, together with its culture and way of life. Hence, bringing Japan closer to other countries, building greater rapport and deeper relationship.

Origin of the Company’s Name

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Suntré is a term coined to symbolize the sun and trade.
Like the healthy evergreen that grows lavishly under the sun, Suntré creates trades blessed by the sun.

We accommodate our client’s specifications or requests.
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